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Need To Intervene In A Child Protective Services Case?

Has your grandchild or another relative been placed in a shelter or foster care by Child Protective Services (CPS)? Are you seeking to have the child placed in your home instead?

At the Law Office of Jennifer Casey in The Woodlands, Texas, I help grandparents and others intervene in CPS cases in Montgomery County and Harris County.

The CPS system is very complicated and there are strict timelines and requirements for intervening in a case. It is important that you seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney as soon as possible to become involved in a CPS matter.

Grandparent Intervenors And Other Intervenors

I used to work as a lawyer in the Montgomery County Child Protective Services system, representing parents and children. This gave me an in-depth knowledge of CPS, and I use this experience to my clients’ advantage when they need to intervene in cases.

Foster parents who have had the child in question with them for one year or more, close relatives (like grandparents and aunts or uncles), and nonrelatives who have cared for the child for more than six months may be able to intervene in CPS cases.

In order for a grandparent or relative to have the child placed in his or her home, CPS will need to run background checks on everyone living in the home and a home study could also be required.

If you need to intervene in a CPS case to protect a child in your life, I will help you understand all of your options and fight to protect your rights. Timing is critical in CPS cases, and it is important to act fast if you are seeking temporary or permanent custody of a child.

My CPS Experience May Help Your Case

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