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Child Support Is Key To A Child’s Well-Being

Under Texas law, parents are required to financially support their children. When parents divorce and when unmarried parents break up, noncustodial parents may thus be required to pay child support.

At the Law Office of Jennifer Casey in The Woodlands, I help parents obtain child support agreements that are fair and reasonable and that provide for their children’s best interests.

Calculating Child Support

Although the courts use a formula to determine how much child support is owed, child support cases are not always black and white. In order to even use the formula, each parent’s income must be accounted for as well as a number of expenses associated with raising the child. Health insurance premiums and the cost of day care may be considered. If the child has expensive schooling or other needs, it may be important to factor this in as well.

As an attorney, I am committed to helping my clients reach child support agreements, and obtain court orders, that protect their rights and those of their children.

Child Support Modifications

Once a child support order is in place, it must be followed. If you fail to follow your child support order, you could be held in contempt of court and even arrested.

Of course, there are circumstances that can make it impossible for a parent to comply with a child support order. There are also times when existing child support orders become inappropriate. When the financial circumstances of a parent or the needs of a child or children change substantially, I help my clients understand their rights and options to seek child support modifications.

When you hire my law office, you hire me as your lawyer. I am committed to providing personalized legal counsel to help parents understand child support law and their rights and obligations.

Seeking Child Support That Is Fair To All Parties

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